The Prosers Bring “Perspective” to Towngate

The Prosers

On Saturday, January 20th, The Prosers return to the Towngate stage, bringing their unique style of spoken word poetry. The group performs original, intensely emotional works. They share powerful stories of personal struggle and authentic experiences while examining social justice issues. The show begins at 8pm.


This performance is The Prosers’ main show of this season at Towngate Theatre, and group member and director Whitney Healy said it is one not to miss. The theme for this show is “Perspective.”

“Prosers fans will be seeing something old and something new,” Whitney said.
“Without giving too much away, attendees will get to listen to expected heart-felt poetry but will see it from an all-new perspective.”

Prosers for this performance include: Ryan Norman, Samantha Pearl, Claudell Whetstone, Gabrielle Marshall, Whitney Healy, Adam Croasmun, and Cassie Springer.

Performers have taken the theme of “Perspective” and interpreted it in their own way, with a more advanced connecting element this time.

“As performers, this format has allowed us to experiment with something new while keeping the ‘safety’ of what is familiar,” Whitney said. “I know this sounds vague, but I don’t want to give away our secret!”

Samantha Pearl said that this show is “nothing like we have ever done before.”
“It’s innovative and original—a true Prosers’ creation. This show molds the boundaries between traditional theater and modern spoken word,” Samantha said.

Gabrielle Marshall said she is excited to be performing in the upcoming show.
“Being part of the creation of The Prosers group has made slam poetry and spoken word a part of who I am,” Gabrielle said. “I couldn’t imagine missing a show. It’s like a family reunion with art, thoughts, and writing every time I get on stage.”

Open Mic to Follow

In addition to The Prosers who are performing at this show, the event will also feature an open mic session. Poets, new and experienced, shy and bold, are welcome to bring their poems and read aloud to the audience.

If you have something to say, the microphones and the ears are open at Towngate Theatre. Come share your story. Come share your perspective.

Tickets are on sale now. Purchase tickets online, at the door or call 304-242-7700. Admission is only $5.

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