Slam Poetry with “The Prosers”

Slam poetry with The Prosers at Towngte Theatre

Somewhere there are people who want to be heard.

Somewhere there are people whose minds are filled with words that emote and engage.

Somewhere there are people from our community who expose their souls in ways that can inspire, shock and entertain.

That somewhere is Towngate Theatre.

As part of the Second Season at Towngate, The Prosers, a group of local spoken-word artists, perform original, intensely emotional works. They share powerful stories of personal struggle and authentic experiences while examining social justice issues.

They will perform Saturday, September 10 at 8 p.m. Come and listen to a broad range of voices and styles. During the performances, singers, songwriters and musicians often join the poets on stage. Most of all, explore the connection between poetry, personal expression and civic engagement.

“Our shows attract all types, probably because we perform from different perspectives and have artists of all types, from teens to teachers, high school students to local hip hop heavyweights,”  Prosers spokesperson Sara Fincham said. “The poets that will be performing all came to the show through different avenues and arts. We showcase our different styles and deliveries, pre-written or improvised, sitting or standing, practiced or impromptu performed. A mixed bag of artists provide examples of what happens when perspectives collide, coexist, and collaborate on the same stage!”

Poetry with a modern beat.

Slam poetry is different than your traditional poetry. It is literary rap, impassioned commentary, uninhibited word art, poetry and improvisation all wrapped up in one package. And, it is written to be performed.

“Slam poetry gives people a voice and offers variety,” Sara said. “It really isn’t defined by any parameters. It can cover lots of content, be written or improvised, and it’s very active all the way around, from the artists to the audience. It also has social and academic benefits. It promotes literacy, public speaking, and self-confidence. It’s social, too. It encourages teamwork and leadership, connection to community, and civic engagement. Poems can be political, provide perspective, and encourage insight and involvement.”

Local performers share their poems.

Poets Sara Fincham, Chermayne Davis, Claudell Whetstone, Whitney Healy, Gabrielle Marshall, Samantha Pearl, and Maya Huggins will perform at Saturday’s show.

The event also features an open mic session. Poets, new and experienced, shy and bold, can bring their poems and read aloud to the audience.

If you have something to say, the microphones and the ears are open at Towngate Theatre.

Tickets are on sale now. Purchase tickets online, at the door or call 304-242-7700. Admission is only $5.

Towngate Theatre is more than theater…

Towngate’s Second Season enhances Wheeling’s arts landscape with literary programming, spoken word performances, improvisation and more.  Programs often feature works by emerging and/or local authors, playwrights and poets.