Towngate Theatre Stages “Snow White”

Towngate Theatre Stages Snow White

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to Towngate we go! Towngate Theatre presents Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs.

Enjoy spectacular sets, costumes and special effects. There is plenty of song, dance and comedy, too. This production has the authenticity of the original Brothers Grimm story while incorporating the whimsy of modern-day versions.

Each child gets a keepsake photograph. After the show, kids can go onstage, meet the actors and get autographs from their favorite characters.

Children’s theater brings families together through the arts. Classic and modern-day stories stimulate the imagination, intellect and spirit!

Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs will be staged:

7p.m. Friday, February 3
3p.m Saturday, February 4 (“Snow White Tea” follows the show)
3p.m. Sunday, February 5
7p.m. Friday, February 10
3p.m. Saturday, February 11.

Adults: $12.50/$11 OI members. Children 10 & under: $10/$8.50 OI members.

Children attending the Saturday, February 4 matinee performance have the option of staying afterward for a special “Snow White Tea” where they can join the characters for a variety of themed activities.  (Separate admission is charged for the “Snow White Tea,” and advance reservations are required.)

Purchase tickets online or call 304-242-7700.

Sponsored by Cassidy, Cogan, Shapell & Voegelin, LC

Towngate Theatre Presents Snow White

Experience the Magic of Children’s Theater…

Want to boost literacy? Teach your child to imagine the unimaginable? Cultivate curiosity? Go to the theater and bring your kids.

Plays ignite the imagination and bring stories to life. Words and characters jump from the page to the stage, thus connecting children to the importance of reading.   They learn valuable lessons, too.  Theater teaches skills such as empathy, critical thinking and teamwork.  Kids watch the actors working together onstage. They see that REAL people are behind entertainment and realize performers are not just images on TV or computer screens.  Live action happens right before their eyes. There’s no app for that!  All their senses are engaged “in the moment.”  Nothing can be paused or muted.  Some may even discover the actor, director or writer within themselves.  Most of all, you get to spend quality time as a family.  Theater is a social experience meant to be shared with one another. So, gather the kids, go to Towngate and experience the magic of theater together.

Keeping the Community in Community Theater in Wheeling. . .

Located in Wheeling’s historic Centre Market District, Towngate Theatre is a cornerstone of creative life in Wheeling and serves as an entertainment destination for residents of the Ohio Valley and beyond. People of all ages and backgrounds gather here to create and experience art onstage. Most of all, Towngate celebrates the essential power of theater to illuminate our common humanity. The community enjoys and participates in hundreds of live performances, classes and workshops year-round.