Live Music at Towngate! Quiet The Horses: An Evening of Story and Song Oct. 27

Quiet the Horses - Towngate Theatre

Enjoy an evening of live music at Towngate. On Saturday, October 27 at 8pm, some of the Valley’s most prolific songwriters and musicians will come together for a one-of-a-kind evening of story and song at Oglebay Institute’s Towngate Theatre.

Joe Zelek, Adrian Niles, Michael Iafrate and Matt Heusel will each perform solo sets, leading up to a full set performed together in the round. Guests can expect an evening of passionate, powerful and poetic rock & roll that blends Americana, indie-rock, soul and blues.


The show will feature the four musicians, each doing a 15-minute individual set. Following the four sets, the musicians will come together on stage for a show “in the round,” taking turns song-by-song.

“This kind of show is called a ‘songwriters round’ and it’s more dynamic than your typical show,” said Iafrate. “Instead of each artist playing a long set, in a songwriters round the performers take turns playing songs and usually talk a little bit about the stories behind the songs.”’

Iafrate has been writing and performing music for over two decades. He recently played a show like this with  Zelek at Club Café in Pittsburgh, along with other local musicians Tom Breiding and Todd Burge.

“It was a really cool evening because we are all friends but we all write fairly different types of songs and we all approach songwriting in different ways,” Iafrate said.

“We all shared songs and the stories behind them, and also tried to say a little bit about how the places we live in the Ohio Valley play into the songs. The audience really seemed to appreciate the way we put the show together.”


Audiences at the Towngate show can expect a similar experience. Musicians say they are happy to be a part of it and that they hope the community will support.

“Actively honoring the efforts of others is healthy support for community. A build of culture takes both ideas and effort,” said Niles. “I’m thankful for the opportunity to bring my part in all of this to the Towngate Theatre stage. I’m looking forward to sharing songs and stories with Michael, Joe, Matt and all of those who will come to join us.”

Matt Heusel agreed.

“It’s cool to do shows at Towngate, with its great history,” Heusel said.
“It’s an honor to be involved with such a tradition. People support it because they love Towngate and what goes on there.”

Iafrate said he looks forward to the structure of the show at Towngate.

“This is a good chance to hear us play and talk about our work in a very listenable environment and in a way where we can all interact with each other and with the audience in a different sort of way,” Iafrate said. “There’s really been a surge of great new original music in the Wheeling area, and I think it’s important to get out and support that to keep the energy going.”

And Iafrate said he is happy to return to the Towngate stage.

“I’ve played a couple of shows at Towngate now, and for me it’s really the most perfect space in Wheeling to hear original music,” he said.

“It’s a real ‘listening room’ for people who want to hear music, where the music itself is the focus. Towngate is the perfect size, with the feel of a theater but still very intimate. And as a former church, and now a theater, the sound is really great for both the audience and the performer. I really love that Towngate has been having more music there for the last couple of years and would love to see that continue.”


The event is sponsored by Main Street Bank.

Beer and wine and refreshments will be available for purchase during the show.

All tickets are $10. Purchase tickets online or call 304-242-7700.