The Prosers Return with Power and Disorder

The Prosers perform at Towngate Theatre

On Saturday, April 22, The Prosers return to the Towngate stage, bringing their unique style of spoken word poetry. The group performs original, intensely emotional works. They share powerful stories of personal struggle and authentic experiences while examining social justice issues.

Power and Disorder

This performance differs from previous shows in that the group will  present work in two themes, as opposed to one.

According to Proser member and director Whitney Healy, the poets will interpret Disorder and Power as they want, which should make for a very diverse show.

The Prosers chose these topics because April is National Poetry Month, Mental Health Awareness Month, and Dating/Domestic Violence month.

“In a think-session, the topics of ‘disorder’ and ‘power’ came up as possible inspirational words to personify these three ‘national awareness’ subjects, and all members decided they could do something with these two words. Some of our performers will interpret the terms ‘disorder’ as a mental health issue, while others may interpret it differently. ‘Power’ is also interpreted in a domestic-violence sort of way but is, of course, not limited to that,” Healy explained.

Both newcomers and seasoned members will perform at the show. The performers include newcomers Ryan Norman and Carly Hatfield as well as returning performers Rosaline Clark, Lacey Matheny, Adam Marquart and Claudell Whetstone. Healy directs the show.

Healy said The Prosers’ unique form of poetry is important on several levels.
“It allows individuals to voice his or her opinion in a very nontraditional way. When people here ‘poetry’ they usually think of the classics—Keats, Frost, Dickinson, Plath—we take a much more modern, freestyle approach to poetry in our writing styles.”

In addition to The Prosers who are performing at this show, the event will also feature an open mic session. Poets, new and experienced, shy and bold, are welcome to bring their poems and read aloud to the audience.

If you have something to say, the microphones and the ears are open at Towngate Theatre. Come share your story.

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Tickets are on sale now. Purchase tickets online, at the door or call 304-242-7700. Admission is only $5.

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