Oglebay Institute’s School Programs

Glass Museum School Program

Oglebay Institute provides educational programming in all five of its disciplines: environmental education, dance, museums, performing and visual arts. Programs supplement classroom teaching and are designed to meet curriculum guidelines for academic standards. Programs are available for all age groups and can be held on-site or in a field trip setting at one of the Oglebay Institute facilities.

Programs by Grade Level:

Elementary School

Middle School

High School

Tours, Performances & Just for Fun Programs

Quick Facts About OI Educational Programs

Do OI school programs meet Content Standards & Objectives?

Our programs are designed to supplement classroom teaching to meet curriculum standards in science, social studies, visual art, language arts, drama, dance, physical education and wellness as well as 21st Century learning skills.

Who are the instructors?

Oglebay Institute educators are highly skilled in their disciplines and continually stay abreast of current trends and research in their respective fields. Our instructors develop and present creative, hands-on programs that challenge and inspire students of all ages.

Are programs adjusted for grade/experience level?

Many OI educational programs are grade specific. Others, however, cover a wide range of age groups such as K-5. The content and skill level of these multi-age programs will be adjusted based on grade/experience level, ensuring an appropriate and challenging learning experience for your students.

Where do programs take place?

Programs are available in-school or as a field trip to one of our six Wheeling facilities – the Schrader Environmental Education Center, the Stifel Fine Arts Center, Towngate theatre, the School of Dance, the Mansion Museum and the Glass Museum.

How do I book a program?

304-242-6855 (Science & Nature Programs)
304-242-7700 (Visual Arts, Performing Arts & Dance)
304-242-7272 (Museums & History)

Representatives are available to assist you with questions, registering for a program, securing funding or customizing a program.