Public Classes

Painting Class

Spring session begins March 19.

Oglebay Institute invites you to join us as we learn, play, experience and grow together through hands-on classes and workshops in art, dance, fitnessmusic, theaternature and history.

Whether your goal is to transition from a novice to a pro, or just to try a new hobby, Oglebay Institute is the place to engage your creative passion.

New classes include Acting Is Believing 2 (grades 3-5), Theater Monologues (grades 8-12), Art Prodigy 3 (ages 9-12), Art With a Twist (ages 5-8) and Jr. Movie Maker (ages 10-13). A variety of jewelry making and one day craft workshops are available through April at the Stifel Fine Arts Center. Create beautiful pieces of art glass at Glassworking Workshops at Oglebay Institute’s Glass Museum.

Families with an interest in nature and the outdoors can enjoy a Salamander Crawl May 13 and Saturday Scavenger Hunts at the Schrader Center in Oglebay. Popular nature preschool programs that incorporate nature education into outdoor fun are also available for children ages 2-4.

Members enjoy a savings of 15% on most classes. Click here for more information.

How to Register

Online – Register for most classes online, by department, at the top of this page.

By Telephone – Telephone Registrations with credit card payment only, can be made by calling the department hosting the activity or event. Visa, Mastercard and Discover will be accepted. Please have your account number and expiration date ready when you call.

In Person
 – You may register in person at any one of the four Oglebay Institute facilities.

Cancellation Policy

For participants to cancel and receive a full refund, they must call the facility and cancel at least 1 WEEK before the class begins. No refunds will be issued once a class begins.